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What is WordPress?

WordPress is the largest and fastest growing self-hosted content management system (CMS) used in the world. It’s an open source platform with a very large and active community. WordPress was originally associated with blogs, however over time the WordPress community expanded it’s functionality so that it now supports the development of more complicated websites, and is now considered a CMS and not just a blogging tool.

Some of the benefits of using a WordPress platform are:
•    Compared to other CMS’s it’s very simple to use and has a very user friendly interface
•    WordPress is completely customisable and can be used for almost anything
•    Highly extensible with thousands of plugins, widgets and themes so it can cater to specialised functionality
•    Large active community, this also makes it secure as you have a large group of people that work to support this platform
•    Reputable and used by many fortune 500 companies

To learn more about WordPress, visit the WordPress homepage.
View some of our WordPress video tutorials.

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