Video Ads Explored & 5 Tips to Create a Monster Ad!

Video advertising is a bold, clever and engaging way to share your business message with a wide audience – potentially reaching a whole new demographic of users!

Research shows that compared to images and text, video is highly engaging. In fact, a survey conducted by Usurv in the UK also demonstrated how much more likely users are to share video content over text and images. Roughly 80% of people who watch a video are able to remember it one month on! According to a recent survey conducted by Video Rascal, 85% of people are also more likely to buy a product once they see an accompanying video.

The other great thing about video advertising, is that compared to TV commercials, online video advertisements can be produced and broadcast at a fraction of the cost. Once you have created your video, you can post your commercials to social media instantly. This enables you to grow your brand across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media outlets. This type of cross-channel advertising is realty transforming the way businesses reach out and engage with their customers.

Adding your video ads to your website is also a great strategy. Not only will it help  further engage your website visitors, but having a website optimised for video could also boost your websites search engine ranking. This is because video indicates quality content on a website, and having a website optimised for video is looked favourably upon by Google.

One factor in Google’s algorithm to determine search rank is “dwell time”, or how long visitors stay on your website. This is because if your users are “dwelling” on your site, it is likely you have quality content. With this in mind video advertisements are a great way to capture and hold a visitors attention, therefore potentially increasing the amount of time spent on your website.

Consumers today expect advertising to be to-the-point, informative and convenient. When executed correctly, video advertising is a great medium for driving up online conversions for your business, via your website and via your social media channels.

So here are five tips for creating a monster video advertisement for your business:

1. Keep it brief

Ensure your video is concise. The first few seconds are critical, they need to be catchy and to the point. A video that fails to do this will fail to be played to the end as viewers will simply click away or scroll past. Think about your key messages and communicate them in a way that is simple to understand so that the message can be fully understood in a short amount of time.

2. Think about your target audience

Targeted videos are the most effective because they are tailored to your audience, the people that are most likely to convert. Think about this carefully when planning all aspects of your video, the tone, the visual aesthetics and the pitch. For example, if you’re targeting teenagers, ensure your tone, language and visual aesthetics are youthful.

3. Tell a story

Make your advertisement interesting and engaging by telling a story. The worst thing to do is just read through product specs or cue cards with no emotion. People love a good story, so share yours or that of your business. For example, if you’re a farm selling eggs, don’t just talk about the eggs, talk about your passion raising free range, healthy chickens and how happy your chickens are, that story might make people more interested in the eggs!

4. Make it visually compelling

Remember often videos are played with the sound off, especially on social media and so it’s really important that visually you are able to attract viewers. Don’t just tell your story vocally, but tell it visually too. Include great images of your business and products so that viewers can really envision your products and get a sense of the business they are dealing with.

5. Understand the limitations of video

Finally, whilst video is great, one of the limitations is that videos not produced with great quality are less likely to be watched. How many times do you sit through a business video that looks home made – camera shaking, unclear vocals? … probably not often.  So invest in the right team of people and their experience and expertise will make all the difference.

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