Which WordPress Plugins Will Improve My Website Load Speed?

When it comes to improving the load speed of your WordPress website, there are literally thousands of plugins you can choose from to speed things up. However, installing the wrong plugins, or too many can make your website clunky, and will only slow your website down, possibly even causing plugin conflicts. When it comes to plugins, you really only need the essentials. We’ve found four great WordPress plugins that will help improve your websites load speed:

1. Caching plugin

A caching plugin will help your site load faster since your server won’t be serving your website files every time someone lands on your site. Your plugin will therefore minimise your server’s workload.

While there are quite a number of good caching plugins out there, the most popular ones are:

2. Lazy load plugin

Lazy loading basically means not loading your entire website all at once. If you have long articles peppered with images and video, your site will be slower than normal. That’s because your server has to send all the files at once. With a lazy loading plugin, your browser will only show above-the-fold content first. The rest of your website will be only shown when your visitor scrolls down the page. This effectively helps save bandwidth, as well as speeds up your site in the process.

Some of the top lazy load plugins are:

3. Minification plugin

The Minification plugin can speed up WordPress website load speed, by removing all unnecessary characters from HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. This reduces the file size, and consumes less bandwidth to transmit.

Some of the top minification plugins are:

4. Image compression plugin

If you upload lots of images to your site,  you will certainly benefit from an image compression plugin. For, best results, first resize your photos and optimise them for web. Your image compression plugin will then remove all the unnecessary metadata, and unused colours from your images.

Here are some of the top image compression plugins to consider:

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