Text to Speech Translation Website

iNNsite partnered with Hyveminds to build Speakdocs – a text to speech and translation tool that enables a user to create impactful print and electronic documents that are sound enabled. Users simply scan the code found on the document to activate the audio.

The website was completely custom built and included the following features:

Text To Speech

Ability to generate an audio version of a document. Document types supported: Word, Powerpoint, Excel


Translation of a document or text in up to 26 languages.

Audio Distribution

Audio file generation in MP3 and WAV file formats which the user can download for distribution.

QR Code Generation

The ability to generate a QR Code for each audio file created. The QR Code can be downloaded on its own or can be embedded onto the original document. Recipients simply scan the QR Code to listen to the audio file.

Social Sharing

Ability to share:

  • the SpeakDoc (Document with QR Code embeded)
  • the audio file and/or
  • the QR Code using social media.

Custom site design

Flat, clean professional design with customised icons used through. Simple navigation. Accordions used to simplify FAQ’s page. Modern colour scheme used, inline with brand.

Membership system

A multi-package membership system catering to different types of members e.g individual vs corporate. Free trial option was also enabled.

Paypal payment gateway integration

Integration with Paypal to allow subscription payment to be made monthly, quarterly or annually.

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