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WordPress Website – Child Care

TRY Children Services are a social enterprise running over 40 child care centers and kindergartens across Victoria. The Children Services website is just one in a series of web and smartphone applications that iNNsite has developed for the TRY Australia Group.

This website was built using a WordPress platform which was inline with the overall web strategy and clients requirements.

This site includes:

  •  A completely custom built wordpress plugin to enable admin staff to manage childcare center listings and allow site visitors to search for childcare centers near them – using a postcode and integrating with the google map API
  • Integration with a merchant account to accept online payments from parents
  • A custom WordPress events plugin to manage upcoming events at each child care center
  • Integration with a custom built enrollment system to allow parents to complete an enrollment for their child at one of the TRY child care centers and;
  • A custom plugin to manage job posts for vacancies across the multiple locations.
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