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Events Website – Custom Web Development

inDevelopmentHub was an entrepreneurial endeavour to help our client realise a brand new concept – A place to stay connected to every educational, professional development & networking event in the property development industry.

This website allows registered event organisers to list events on the website and track event performance based on views and clicks. A complex back-end pricing calculator determines the event listing fee, generates the invoice and provides the event organiser options for payment.

The preference based subscription system allows subscribers to receive a customised newsletter with a list of events matching their preferences – event topics, format and location.

The way in which we uniquely coded this system to automate the entire newsletter process, is the real standout. The system generates a unique email for each subscriber and automatically sends it out weekly, fortnightly or monthly based on the subscribers frequency preference.

The design of this site follows minimalist principles – clean, simple and modern. From the home page through to the many forms, user navigation remains simple and intuitive.

Key Features

  • Custom development
  • Laravel framework
  • Membership system
  • Subscription system
  • Event management system
  • Automated newsletter system
  • Complex pricing calculator
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