5 Quick Tips To Consider When Writing Website Content

Website Content - By iNNsite, web development company MelbourneBelow are five quick tips that you should consider when writing content for your website:

1. Clear, Simple & Relevant Website Content

Decide on the key messages you want to deliver to your website visitors, then take your time to write these messages using clear, simple English that can be easily understood. Be clear about who your target audience is and write using a tone that would be engaging for that group. Ensure that information provided on your website is relevant to your target audience and also relevant to the product or service that you are offering.

2. Get To The Point…Quickly!

As you are probably well aware, there is an unfathomable amount of information on the web. This means that there is always hot competition for your website visitors. As a result, if you are serious about retaining and engaging with your visitors, then your website content must be clear and concise. Within a matter of seconds a user needs to be able to gauge what it is that you offer and how they will benefit. If you fail to do this, then as quickly as they came they will be gone.

3. Spelling and Grammar

This point really is website content 1-0-1. Spelling and grammar mistakes can impact your brand by making your business appear unprofessional. Invest the time needed to run a spell check, review your messaging, wording and to obtain feedback from at least one other person. If you are not confident with your writing skills or like many are time poor, then consider hiring a professional copyrighter to help with writing and reviewing your messages.

4. Call To Actions

If the objective is for your website visitors to take a specific action e.g. complete a form, request a call back, or make a purchase, then it is vital that this “action” is clear and easily “actionable”. Use strong, clear call to action banners and/or messages to direct your site visitors down a particular path that enables them to make that purchase or complete that form. Here are some great tips to create irresistible calls to action on your website.

5. Different Mediums Of  Website Content

Text, photo’s, info-graphics, video, audio – there are many different ways that you can deliver content to your website visitors. Using a healthy mix of these mediums is important as people learn and engage with content in different ways. For example, some people better engage with an instructional video, whilst others prefer a step-by-step text guide. We’re all different and so having multiple ways of displaying content on your website, not only keeps it interesting for the user, but also enables your business to better engage with the different types of people visiting your site.



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