5 Critical Components of a 2021 Content Marketing Strategy

If you’re a brand builder attempting to get your digital marketing house in order before 2021 hits, it is imperative you analyse your current content marketing initiatives. Understanding what worked for your business in 2020 and what needs to change in 2021 is crucial for increased content marketing ROI (return on investment). Technology is changing how consumers interact with content. From voice-enabled interfaces like Amazon’s Echo to earbuds like Apple’s AirPods, how end users consume content is changing at a rapid rate. Understanding the consumption preferences of your target audience is essential when developing your content outreach plans. If you want help designing your 2021 content marketing strategy, here are five critical components you should consider.

Voice SEO

If you make only one change to your content marketing strategy for 2021, upgrading your search engine optimisation strategy for voice-enabled devices might be your best bet. According to data from Statista Research, global shipments of voice-activated devices surged to over 11 million units as of the second quarter of 2018 (statista.com). Consumers are using voice-enabled technology in their homes, offices, on their wrists, and even in their vehicles. If your brand hasn’t updated your content marketing strategy to account for consumers using #voicefirst technology, you risk being left behind by your savvier competitors. Understand how voice-activated technology impacts everything from your keyword choice to the types of content you offer, and you’ll be on your way towards improved SEO results in 2021.

Long-Form Video

The long-form video is another must-use tool for brands in 2021. According to the 2018 Global Video Index from Ooyala, the long-form video is more popular than ever, with smartphone viewing rates hitting 57% (go.ooyala.com). Creating long-form videos (20 minutes in length) for your target audience allows you to offer in-depth video content that is both educational and entertaining. Develop a detailed video marketing strategy with your team to provide content your audience wants to consume and potentially share with their extended network on social media. Focus on being helpful with your long-form videos not just selling your wares, and you’ll increase your chances of video marketing success.

Business Blogging

Business blogging is still critical in 2021. Whether you choose to blog on your company blog, post content to LinkedIn, start a blog on Medium or even post articles on blogs in your niche that allow guest posts, the key is to offer text-based content your target audience will find useful. Not only is blogging fabulous for SEO (especially important as Facebook is driving less attention to brands), but blogging also allows you to showcase your industry expertise to your target customers. Something as simple as a weekly blog post can drive sales leads to your business for years to come. (Don’t forget to create a detailed content distribution plan to coordinate your business’ blogging efforts.)


Speaking of Facebook, even though Facebook’s user growth is slowing, (statista.com), Facebook’s Messenger is experiencing explosive growth and so Facebook and Messenger Marketing are vital components for an effective 2021 content marketing strategy. Combined with Facebook-owned Instagram, the audience outreach on Facebook/Messenger and Instagram puts brands in connection with consumers on the platforms their target customers are already using. Standing out in a noisy social media landscape can be difficult for those not fully committed to social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure your business has a robust social strategy that includes everything from live-streamed video to inspirational images your audience will enjoy and share. For Messenger it’s important your brand promotes practical content that attracts new subscribers and retains existing subscribers.

Visual Marketing

On the topic of images, visual marketing will be more critical than ever in 2021. Consumers are busier than ever, and their content consumption habits often get influenced by information that catches their eye. Start doubling down on attractive brand eye candy, such as infographics (create your own with tools like Piktochart.com), memes, GIFs, and enticing images on your blog posts. Visual marketing can’t be an afterthought; it must be a core component of your digital marketing strategy.

Pay attention to these five critical components of a 2021 content marketing strategy and chances are good you’ll improve your customer acquisition rates. The more effort your brand puts into creating a detailed audience outreach strategy, the likelier it is you will see increased sales for your efforts.

What are your thoughts? Will your company be doubling down on content marketing in 2021?

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