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Robin Waite is a best selling author and blogs at www.onlinebusinessstartup.co.uk . Here he shares some important tips for any startup that is developing an online strategy for their business. We’ve summarized these tips below:

6 Tips When Creating Your Online Strategy

1. Plan your business strategy

Insufficient planning can set you up for failure. Ensure that your overall strategy and business objectives are well though is through and that they are consistent with the online messages that your website delivers.

2. Implement a phased approach

Phasing your website build gives you more control  and can help ensure that activities happen in the right order. It creates a good foundation on which the business can scale up.

3. Launch your online presence asap

The sooner your launch your website the sooner you can begin building your search engine ranking.

4.  Test the waters – Do your market research

Taking the time to understand your customers, their interests and their feedback is invaluable information when developing your product and or/service offering.

5. Consider outsourcing

Instead of attempting to be the jack of all trades, sometimes it’s best just to leave it to the experts. If your not sure about any aspect of online strategy get in touch with a professional that can help.

6. Be prepared for change

Adapt or die is the reality for businesses today. On average a web site has a lifespan of 2-3 years. This is a good example of how quickly technology is changing. Ensuring your business is ready for changes in the online space is important to it’s overall long-term success.


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