10 Insightful Social Media Blogs

Social media is without any doubt an integral part of online business. With so many different platforms that engage users in different ways, it can be a little bit overwhelming knowing where to begin your social media journey. Here are a few points to keep in mind and some worthwhile blogs we recommend to get you up to speed in no time!

Where to Start Your Social Media Strategy?

It is possible to create and manage a successful social media strategy on your own, BUT, this will mean investing your time to get up to speed with each social platform, and time to create and manage strategies to build your following online. If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably time poor, in which case it’s a good idea to find a digital agency that can perform this work on your behalf. A good digital agency will tailor a social media strategy to your business goals and will spend time creating social networking blogs. These blogs can serve as a powerful medium to share, express and publish your business news, offers, events and other information. Social networking blogs will help to build a followership online and generate interactions with a global audience.

What Resources are Required?

Like with anything, if you want a to see a return, then there needs to be an investment of time and money. Time is required to undertake work consistently across each of the social media platforms, creating and sharing content and engaging with others content. Money is required to promote your business across the social media platforms and to cover the cost of any resources creating and sharing content on your behalf.  A successful social media strategy will mean that investing these resources will facilitate an increase in clicks to your posts, advertisements, website and an increase in engaged and brand loyal followers – all of this means an increase in leads and potential sales for your business.

How to Manage Social Media?

Since it is quite difficult to launch and manage multiple social networking accounts, consulting an experienced digital agency is a wise decision. Monitoring the overall number of followers, their level of engagement and the response of visitors to your blogs, is essential in managing your social media strategy. Pro-actively re-acting to negative comments is imperative as it can affect the overall reputation of your brand. Also, managing spam or non-genuine requests should be tactfully handled. Remember, having a successful social media strategy and executing it takes time, but if done properly you will create an online following for your business that will grow and promote brand loyalty.

We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg, if you’d like to learn more, below are 10 social media blogs we recommend. These blogs  provide insights on how effective social media can grow your business.

1. Mark Schaefer’s Grow Blog

As evident from its name, this blog helps companies to grow their profits by maintaining their good reputation, customers and overall impact.

2. Jon Loomer’s Blog

This blog provides in-depth details regarding Facebook marketing.

3. Buffer’s Blog: Buffer Social

Buffer’s Blog talks about the writing, productivity, life hacks, user experience, and customer happiness.

4. The Convince and Convert Blog

This Blog provides numerous tips for social media marketing and relevant strategy.

5. Rebeka Radice’s Blog

Rebeka Radice’s Blog helps entrepreneurs and small business owners for their online marketing ventures.

6. RazorSocial Blog

It is a tool and technology blog, which provides help in evolving social media strategies and campaigns.

7. Donna Mortiz’s Blog

Donna Mortiz’s Blog shares tips, as how to incorporate visual social media into marketing strategy.

8. Jenn’s Trends

This blog specifically deals in Instagram marketing by discussing business and social media trends.

9. Simply Measured Blog

It shares the latest trends, news and their respective feedback on various social networking sites.

10. Danny Brown’s Blog

Danny shares tips regarding social media marketing and strategies associated with it.

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